The Spine Specialist

Unprecedented Treatment Innovation

The Spine Specialist is the worlds first and only patented medical treatment device designed for the performance of Laser Assisted Spinal Restoration. We call it “The Evolution of Non-Surgical Spinal Disc Treatment.”
The device was designed specifically for those patients suffering from Back and Neck pain caused by Degenerative or Herniated Lumbar and Cervical Discs through painless and completely non-invasive office procedures as an alternative to spinal surgery. It is also a viable maintenance treatment for many patients suffering from the painful and dehabilitating effects of spinal arthritis.

This device uses a highly computerized and entirely automated Class 4 Medical Laser Delivery system along with a Spinal Decompressive Traction force applied to the spine simultaneously for an unparalleled treatment effect. The user interface is compiled on an ultra-professional touch screen tablet with our own specifically developed automation software package for the Bakmobil™ Class 4 Medical Laser Delivery System. Our system is powered by the Windows 8 operating system.

tsspThe therapeutic effect of this revolutionary system is twofold. Firstly, the High Intensity Class 4 Medical laser helps to soften, relax, and heal the discs, nerves, ligaments, and muscles through the process of photobiostimulation. The laser not only increases the circulation and tissue permeability allowing the discs to rehydrate more easily under the negative pressure of disc decompression, but it also increases the healing energy of each cell allowing damaged tissue to repair at a much faster rate than normally possible. Secondly, this automated simultaneous laser application also allows spinal decompression to be achieved more comfortably at a much greater rate by enhancing the relaxation and flexibility of the soft tissues. This provides a more complete restoration of lost disc space relieving pressure from the nerves and reducing bulging discs. The increased space achieved by the laser enhancement of spinal decompression treatments also creates a situation where the laser may penetrate deeper as it is less encumbered by bony structures otherwise obscuring the discs.

Revolutionary MAC™ Multi-Axial Cervical Spine Decompression System

Never before has it been possible to provide fully automated decompression to the cervical spine in an infinitely adjustable increment of flexion, extension and lateral flexion to specifically target damaged disc and nerve tissues. We have developed this system as an upgrade to traditional “uni-axial” spinal decompression devices that allow cervical spine decompression in only one direction. Furthermore, this upgrade comes as standard equipment on The Spine Specialist.