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The Spine Specialist Laser Assisted Spinal Restoration (L.A.S.R.) System

Mechanics of Back Pain

Through injury and as the spine begins to age you lose space between the spinal bones. This in turn creates tears in the outer fibers of the disc causing outward bulging and some degree of compression on the joints and nerves, thus creating pain. This is termed Degenerative Disc Disease.

The Spine Specialist Laser Assisted Spinal Restoration (L.A.S.R.) System

slide1 Laser Assisted Spinal Restoration is a new therapy for patients suffering from chronic neck and low back pain. This treatment utilizes the two of the most technologically advanced treatments for back and neck pain, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and Class 4 Medical Laser Therapy. At its heart it has a fully computer automated laser delivery system that combines these therapies simultaneously in a scientifically specific technique for an unparalleled treatment effect.

The Spine Specialist performs its procedure to accomplish three healing goals.

  1. The Spine Specialist helps to re-establish disc height, reduces bulging and disc herniation using Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatments.
  2. The Spine Specialist reduces pain, helping to heal the damaged discs, associated nerves, ligament, and muscle tissues through the simultaneous application of High Intensity Class 4 Medical Laser Therapy optimizing recovery and minimizing the chances of the disc injury relapsing. Increased cell healing and microcirculation achieved by the laser around the damaged area also helps aid the reduction of inflammation, the shrinking and re-absorption (breakdown) of herniated disc material that may be causing compression on and irritation to the spinal and peripheral nerves.
  3. The Spine Specialist’s simultaneous application of High Intensity Class 4 Medical Laser Therapy achieves a more comfortable and complete Spinal Decompression treatment than traditional decompression methods. It does this by concurrently softening and relaxing tight and damaged muscle tissue that may otherwise interfere with the achievement of an effective spine and muscle stretch which is one of the treatment goals of spinal decompression. By relaxing this tissue and simultaneously healing it we can achieve greater space between the spinal bones during the decompression stretch. This releases more pressure from the discs and nerves and allows the laser dosage to pass more easily to the deeper disc and nerve structures as the spinal bones are effectively pulled out of the way.