For Health Professionals

Efficient and Effective

Simultaneous automated treatment saves time and provides all important consistency of treatment. You can be certain that a consistent laser dosage and precise decompression treatment is delivered the same every time with the preprogrammed parameters or with your specifications programmed directly into the device. Progressive treatments are effortless to develop and monitor assuring your patient gets the highest quality and most consistent treatment possible. Also, non-attended treatment means you are free to treat more patients in a shorter time for faster room turnover with a more effective treatment than is possible performing the treatments consecutive and manually.

Be The Disc Doctor

Diversify yourself from other health practitioners not offering this service to attract a new type of patient. Those patients that have been told surgery is their only hope and those that have exhausted all other treatment options will seek you out simply because you utilize this very specialized and unique device designed specifically to treat their condition.

If you are already a decompression practitioner you can separate yourself from even the decompression competition by offering the newest and most technologically advanced treatment available anywhere. You can also utilize this new treatment to re-activate your past “old technology” decompression patients that have had relapses or want to continue with a spinal anti-aging maintenance program for optimal spinal health.

Utilizing the “Spine Specialist,” patients will enter your practice already comfortable in the fact that your technology provides the highest quality and most specific care available for their condition, and you can be sure they will tell others!

Innovative Healing Technology- The Best Investment You Can Make

Healthcare is a serious business and the investments you make in your practice to provide the most cutting edge care for your patients speaks volumes about your commitment to helping them achieve their health goals. Unique and effective treatment options that attract new patients into your office drive your business forward providing unparalleled Return On Investment. ROI’s exceeding 400% monthly are not uncommon using The Spine Specialist’s included marketing tools. This is the power of offering care that sets your clinic apart from the masses.

The therapy industry has changed immensely in recent years and the more unique your service is, the more you will stand out from the rest. With a truly unique system like The Spine Specialist at your disposal, the business will take care of itself and all you need to do is take care of your patients.